Candidate Search

Broaden your search to include passive as well as active candidates

Broaden your search to include both passive and active candidates

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Candidate Search has two components: profiles and resumes. Profile search gives you a broad view of potential candidates. It works well when it’s important to see fresh information on the kinds of people who meet your criteria. Resume search works well when you need contact information, but the latest employment history is not as important.

What you can expect with Candidate Search:
  • Reaches a wide range of potential candidates, including those who are not actively in the job market.
  • Works well in conjunction with MaxRecruit™ or our Audience and Industry Networks.
  • Lets you target candidates based on your specific criteria.

Here's what people are saying about Recruitology

"In the short time we've been using the Recruitology product, we've increased our upsells by 20%, and have had positive feedback from our advertisers. "

Advertising Director, Herald-Standard