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Want the best performance from your job board advertising? Many employers are using programmatic, or cost-per-click, advertising in addition to traditional duration-based advertising. MaxRecruit’s automated job distribution takes the guesswork out of deciding which online job aggregators to use. You’ll get hassle-free access to the top aggregators, including Indeed®, GlassDoor®, Nexxt® (formerly and Jobs2Careers.

What you can expect with MaxRecruit:
  • Industry-leading results. In recent tests, MaxRecruit delivered an average of 61 click applications per ad, vs. the industry average of 20*.
  • Stay on top of changing market conditions with ActiveMonitoring®. MaxRecruit constantly monitors your job across all aggregators, and adjusts its placement and cost-per-click, ensuring you get optimal results.
  • Broad reach to the top national and local candidates.
  • With MaxRecruit Plus, you can set a custom budget for your job, which works great when you need a large number of candidates, you’ve got a hard-to-fill role, or when you’re trying to fill several jobs at the same time. You get all the benefits of MaxRecruit, with the flexibility to define your advertising budget. Just set your budget and let our ActiveMonitoring technology deliver optimal results.
MaxRecruit Features:
  • Automated distribution to the most effective job aggregators available for your position.
  • MaxRecruit’s ActiveMonitoring technology provides round-the-clock analysis and optimization of your placement to deliver the best candidates.
  • MaxRecruit Plus lets you define the advertising budget, and our platform seamlessly manages distribution across top aggregators.

* Source: Job Board Doctor 2016-2017 Recruiting Site Trends survey and Recruitology analysis.

Here's what people are saying about Recruitology

"I like MaxRecruit! I have to hire -- and I need people now. It was a very quick process. In comparison to what we’ve had in the past, it was like night and day. "

Ed Rodriguez, Franchise owner, UPS Stores