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Our technology has helped more than 200,000 employers connect with the right talent. With many years of recruitment development behind us, we have a deep bench of expertise -- available for your use. Why build from scratch when you can integrate your product, app or service directly with us. Create powerful solutions, faster than you thought possible.

Recruitment Technology Services

Powerful recruitment technology components at your fingertips.

Programmatic job distribution

Grow the value of your product by bringing relevant candidates right to your employers.

With our job distribution engine, you can programmatically distribute jobs to aggregators like Indeed®, ZipRecruiter®, Glassdoor® and more. Our technology automatically adjusts and optimizes the ad budget to get the best results.

We use artificial intelligence to analyze job performance on each job site, looking for the best value. Each job’s visibility is adjusted as our platform “learns” where it performs best.

Candidate and job matching

Provide your employers with relevant candidate matches for virtually any position. Or apply our matching technology to your own candidate lists.

You can use our candidate and job matching APIs in a number of ways. For example:

  1. We provide the candidates. Send us your job description and receive passive candidates from our resume and profile database of over 300 million candidates.
  2. We do the matching for you. Send us your job description and potential candidates (such as employees, applicants or your resume database) and let our technology rank them as Great, Good or Possible matches.

Geographic match for jobs and skills

Understand the frequency of jobs or requirements in a given geography.

When you need to analyze recruitment trends by location, or decide where to hire for specific capabilities, here is your solution. We have an extensive database of job posting information, connected with locations down to the zip code level. Using our APIs, you can tap into this knowledge base and develop data-supported insights on labor demand.

Full recruitment solution accessible with Single Sign On

Provide a complete white-labeled recruitment service to your customers

Our recruitment portal, including a simple Applicant Tracking System (ATS), is available for you to provide to your customers, under your own brand. Using Single Sign On, you can provide a seamless login experience to the recruitment portal. From the portal, your customers can post jobs using our full range of products, from programmatic job distribution to social media and more. Later they can track and manage applicants through the hiring funnel. You can create product packages, or use our recommended “good/better/best” product package template.

In addition, you can leverage our white-labeled job board, providing a location for your customers to showcase all their open positions and connect with job seekers.

Your customers can pay for their job post using a credit card. We also provide support for discounts with a coupon code.

Promotional job videos

Increase your job posting SEO with a share-able video ad promoting your open positions.

Short job videos boost the visibility and appeal of job posts. Provide us the job title and description, and we will create a professional-looking video using stock footage. Link to the video in your job post and amplify it on social media. Job videos can reduce cost-to-hire by up to 56%.

Job videos are a great way to stand out from the crowd. View an example.

Local newspaper, radio and TV job board distribution

Increase the visibility of your jobs by placing them on local media job boards.

Media companies are a trusted source of information for local news and jobs. Thanks to our wide network of North American job boards, you can distribute jobs to popular sites such as the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times. Select a narrow geographic range, like one metro area, or broader regional or national distribution.

Job seekers will have excellent visibility to your jobs on these sites.

O*NET classification for both resumes and jobs

Categorize your jobs and resumes according to this government standard.

O*NET, or Occupational Information Network, is maintained by the US Department of Labor, and provides standard classifications of worker competencies, job requirements and more.

Use our O*NET integration to seamlessly classify jobs or resumes according to this widely-accepted method. Employers use a variety of ways to describe jobs; similarly two candidates may describe similar backgrounds differently. O*NET classification helps ensure everyone is speaking a common language for requirements and competencies.

Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting

Learn more about our AI and machine learning technology

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